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Mobile monitoring and response service

Do you have to deal with an emergency situation? Has an alarm gone off? A device is faulty?

Immediately and 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, our intervention agents will be dispatched on site, sent by our operators from the Security Operations Center (SOC).

You don't have a permanent security team on site?

We have one of the best national mobile coverage. As a result, the density of our network guarantees you the shortest reaction times. Our mobile and intervention services can be combined with other services.

Our agents specially recruited for our mobile services receive the best training. They provide you with the benefit of their professional experience and rigorous monitoring, including real-time digital reports.

Prevent, deter and control 24/7

Together we determine the frequency, duration and checkpoints to be carried out, as well as the action plans that will be executed by our response services in the event of events.

Your key advantages:

  • National coverage

  • Real-time digital reports incl. photo and video

  • National concept for securing your keys and our weapons

  • Environment respected by our electric vehicles

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