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Artificial intelligence

service d'intelligence artificielle

What is that :

A smart camera is a camera in which an electronic component is added to acquire and store images but also to process information and communicate with the surrounding systems (network, PLCs, operators, etc.)
The interpretation of the images is done using analytical software. The software analyzes the images from the camera and in the event of anomalies, the camera sends a signal to the systems to which it is connected.


In recent years, the sale of these systems has supplanted the sale of conventional vision systems (PC + Cameras) in terms of the number of systems installed. This evolution is partly due to the cost of the equipment of the order of 2 times lower than the traditional system, but perhaps even more to the hardware and software which can now compete with PC systems for simple applications.
In industry, where PCs are often seen as external systems that are difficult to integrate, smart cameras can be viewed broadly as sensors that easily integrate into automated control processes. These have the advantage of being compact and of not requiring the presence of multiple interface peripherals which are not always necessary.
Finally, for applications requiring several asynchronous captures, they are usually better suited than a PC system. For very complex applications, they are sometimes used together with other cameras within a PC system

The applications are almost as numerous as there are products to control. However, several applications that can be described as standard have proven their effectiveness. It is these applications that we will quickly review:
•          Contrôle de conformité (nombres of elements and their positions)
•          Mesures sans contact.
•          Identification et tri
•          Lecture et vérification de marquage (characters, barcode, data matrix)
•          Contrôles de processus continu ( plastic extrusion, fabric or weld verification)
•          Commande robot (détection de 2D and 3D position and orientation)
•          Contrôles de mouvements et de movements (video surveillance)
•          Contrôles biométriques

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