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Alarm system

Systeme d'alarme

Breaking in

Modern alarm systems detect a break-in attempt even before there is material damage or theft. This allows Galatea SA to have valuable additional time to verify the alarm and immediately take all the necessary steps.


Thanks to a fire detection system, the Galatea SA alarm center is immediately informed of the appearance of smoke and a possible increase in temperature. All the required intervention forces are automatically and immediately engaged in order to prevent and limit possible bodily injury or material damage. Mandatory installations prescribed by building insurance can also be connected to the Galatea SA alarm centre.


Employees and individuals can ask Galatea SA for help in case of threats. They only need to activate a hidden switch to trigger a silent alarm, so without acoustic and optical signals on site. The intervention forces engaged thus not only have an advantage in terms of time, but also an effect of surprise.


Do guardian angels have their own guardian angel? Your alarm system has one. It triggers a sabotage alarm in the event of damage and involuntary manipulation. This significant redundancy in the security chain is a considerable gain in efficiency for your alarm technology.

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