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Security service


Our patrol surveillance specialists monitor your object according to the frequency and detailed instructions we have agreed with you. The security services provided are therefore personalized, and protect you against unpleasant surprises and possible damage. You can be sure that by their presence, the specialists will have a dissuasive effect on undesirable persons and that they will also react quickly to irregularities, 24 hours a day. More targeted than simple surveillance, patrol surveillance allows you reduce risks and take advantage of the many advantages that lighten your operational tasks.

In addition to pure security tasks, officers also monitor automated production processes or deliveries made outside operating hours. Your advantages are many: when planning the engagement, we first consider your own security needs and then inform you of all additional possibilities to minimize the risks.


Control rounds outside and inside buildings

  • Verification of access, interior doors, windows, lighting, appliances, machinery, heating installations, refrigerators and freezers, vehicle fleets, stocks of goods, etc.

  • Identification, elimination or reporting of dangers or sources of fire, leaks of liquids or gases, natural events or other irregularities

  • Handling security systems and professional emergency response

  • Assistance with operational tasks or processes such as data backups, long-term testing, production processes, etc.

  • Complete documentation thanks to a state-of-the-art computer analysis system (coded control chips)  

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